Services and Prices

Theatrical Prices


£50 a performance
£250 per week (including consultation)


£150 – £300 per performance
£600 – £1500 per week of performances

All prices include products and are for hair and make-up. Prices are dependent on cast sizes, and the level of work required i.e if special effects works is needed. Please contact us for a full detailed quote.

Bridal Prices

All prices inclusive of strip lashes.


Bride £70 (trial £35)
Mother of the Bride £45
Bridesmaids £45 or £25 for under 18s
Flower Girls/under 12 free
Guests from £30


Bride £60 (trial £30)
Bridesmaids £35 or £20 for under 18s
Bridal hair & makeup package £120*
Or our half day wedding rate is £350 (41/2 hours) for up to 8 services, if any guest would like to use our services, we will have a number of staff who will be on hand to help.

*this does not apply as part of our 1/2 day rate.

Occasional Prices

All inclusive of strip lashes.


£35 per person


£30 per person
Occasional hair & makeup package for £60

Spray Tans

We also offer mobile spray tans for £25 for a full body & £15 a 1/2 body – although we always recommended brides consider this carefully due to the beautiful white dress, how hot you'll get on the big day & the amount of hugs you will get which wears the tan much quicker.

Coronavirus/Covid 19 - Update

Hey cheeky chimps,

I hope you are all safe and well during this very unsettling time.

I know there are lots of questions about the make-up world right now, and I’m absolutely heartbroken that I must put down my makeup brushes for the foreseeable future.

I have a duty of care to all of my clients and I must look after my loved ones - the health of everyone is most important.

Firstly, it would be irresponsible of me to apply makeup during the COVID-19 pandemic. Secondly, the revised social distancing from 2M to 1M still obviously makes my job impossible.

We ALL must follow the governments guidelines to help us through this pandemic... the sooner people listen, the sooner it will be over.

I have contacted everyone booked in my diary for the coming weeks to postpone your appointments/trials.

Please bear with me as I’m dealing with lots of postponed weddings and re-arrangements.

I’m heartbroken for my business, my brides, my fellow makeup artists/beauticians and for the world we live in at the moment.

To my clients - thank you so much for booking me before this awful situation, the thought of letting anyone down makes me so sad for you. However, there’s nothing I can do, the pandemic is out of our control.

I really, really hope that when life can go back to normal I will see you back in my chair.

Thank you for your support

Mama Monkey 🙊 💋